disc drop

Updated Look for Disc Drop

The Disc Drop gadget has been overhauled. I updated the code to actionscript 3 and in the process made it a little more pleasing to the eye. I also made it so that you can modify the colors. Here’s the link to the customization page:

pendulum clock stingray

Customization Pages for the Stingray and Clock

Here are the customization pages for the Stingray and the Pendulum Clock gadgets.

did you know?

Create Custom Designs for iGoogle

This is some great news for you web designers out there.  You can now create your own themes for iGoogle and submit them to the theme directory for others to enjoy!  You can even create dynamic themes that change according to the time of day.

Here are some links to help get you started.

Theme Directory

Developer Guide

Submit a Theme

Themes API Group

development spider turtle

A Couple Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed the size option for the Spider on iGoogle and Google Desktop.
  2. Fixed a problem that caused the Turtle gadget not to render in some browser.
did you know?

Got the Latest Google Desktop?

I’ve been reading through a lot of the comments this morning and noticed that some people don’t have access to all the options for their gadgets. Google has fixed that problem by adding a scrollbar to the options page for universal gadgets. Another problem that people have reported is that they see a 10-15px white border around the gadgets of Google Desktop. You should update or install the latest version of Google Desktop to fix these problems.


New Spider Customization Page

Now you can customize the spider before adding it to iGoogle or embedding it to your webpage.

The background image option is not working from the customization pages when adding the gadgets to iGoogle. It doesn’t seem to like the forward slashes and the semicolon.

fish tree frog

Customization Pages for the Fish and Treefrog

Here are the new customization pages for the the Fish and Treefrog gadgets:


New Page to Customize the Turtle Gadget

I just finished creating a customization page for the Turtle Gadget that you can use before you add them to iGoogle or your webpage. This should make it easier for users to get the turtles looking the way they want them to look. I will be making pages like this for the other gadgets soon.