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Pet Penguins

Pet Penguins version 0.1.0 is now available.

This is a very early alpha release so that the community can follow along with the development and provide feedback. In this version there are ten penguins and a small iceberg for them to chill out on. You can toss the penguins fish, pick up the penguins, and move the camera around. There are not yet any customization features. I do anticipate being able to change the number and kinds of penguins. It would also be nice to be able to add more icebergs of different sizes and shapes.

You can find the new Pet Penguins web app at

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25 replies on “Pet Penguins”

ya know…i just woke up, and i had a dream that i was playing with rabbits, then i wus like, 😮 bunny gadget thing :3


i wanted to say i appreciate all your hard work you put into all these incredible creations! I love seeing hamsters and penguins run around, it puts a smile on my face! I can’t wait to see future updates! I believe you are very talented, pet penguins, hammy home, all the other gadgets are a true piece of art! :3


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