I’ve prepared a simple project that shows how I use MTASC, Alcon, Ant, Mozilla, on Linux to create flash movies. You could just as well run this on Windows or Mac.

Before you attempt to run the ant build.xml script, take a look at it and modify the variables to match your current setup. Also, move the Alcon.htm I’ve included in the project to your Alcon folder. This should be the same folder that contains the Alcon.swf and Alcon.cfg files.

Run the ant script by typing “ant run”. The project should compile and then load the swf in Mozilla on the Alcon.htm page. The console will be on the main page and the project in a popup window above it. Once it has loaded in Mozilla, you can recompile the project quickly just by typing ant without the run parameter. Then you can refresh the popup or the main page to see the changes you’ve made.

Notice how you can easily call the trace function for debugging without having to import the debug class package on each of the pages. Check out this page to see the directions I followed for setting up Alcon with MTASC.

I also found this page to be a good resource for learning how to use the Object.registerClass function.