Install and configure jEdit

  1. Download the java-based installer from
  2. In a terminal, cd to the directory you downloaded jedit to and enter the command:
    java -jar jedit43pre3install.jar

    Linux users might want to run the installer as the root user so that it’s installed for all users.

  3. You should be able to start jedit by typing jedit in a terminal. If your system doesn’t recognize the command, you might have to add the directory the jedit executable is located in to your PATH environmental variable.
  4. Here are a few of my favorite jEdit plugins. Download these to the jars folder or install them through the download manager.


  5. Create a file called jedit.props that contains the following text and save it to the properties folder.

    This will dock the plugins we just installed, and enable line numbering and code folding by default for all users.

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