1. Download the java-based installer from http://www.jedit.org/?page=download
  2. In a terminal, cd to the directory you downloaded jedit to and enter the command:
    java -jar jedit43pre3install.jar
Linux users might want to run the installer as the root user so that it&#8217;s installed for all users.</li> 

  * You should be able to start jedit by typing jedit in a terminal. If your system doesn&#8217;t recognize the command, you might have to add the directory the jedit executable is located in to your PATH environmental variable.
  * Here are a few of my favorite jEdit plugins. Download these to the jars folder or install them through the download manager. 
    BufferTabs <a target="_blank" href="http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?BufferTabs">http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?BufferTab</a>  
    ProjectViewer <a target="_blank" href="http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?ProjectViewer">http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?ProjectViewer</a>  
    CommonControls <a target="_blank" href="http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?CommonControls">http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?CommonControls</a>  
    Console <a target="_blank" href="http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?Console">http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?Console</a>  
    ErrorList <a target="_blank" href="http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?ErrorList">http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/?ErrorList</a></li> 
      * Create a file called jedit.props that contains the following text and save it to the properties folder. <pre class="code"><code>projectviewer.dock-position=left

console.dock-position=bottom vfs.browser.dock-position=left view.gutter.lineNumbers=true buffer.folding=indent view.showBufferSwitcher=false buffer.folding=indent buffertabs.enabled=true console.changedir.pvchange=true

        This will dock the plugins we just installed, and enable line numbering and code folding by default for all users.</li> </ol>