Pet Penguins

Pet Penguins version 0.1.0 is now available.

In this version there are ten penguins and a small iceberg for them to chill out on. You can toss the penguins fish, pick up the penguins, and move the camera around. Customization features will be added in future releases.

You can find the Pet Penguins web app at

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8 replies on “Pet Penguins”

hi! i just wanted to thank you for making these – they’re very nostalgic for me! when i was kid i would play on them when my mom was away from the keyboard – it kept me entertained for hours 🙂

p.s. would you ever consider adding some of them to the firefox addon store? i’d be able to continue using them that way! but no worries if they’re incompatible with it 😀

i hope you have a wonderful day!


Thanks, Bea!

I will look into creating addons for the Firefox. (Firefox is set as my default browser)


Hey! Same to me too! It’s my Childhood game, very nostalgia. Thanks to this Abowman. He did a very great job!

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