Hammy Home

Hammy Home is a fun, little web app for designing and caring for virtual hamsters.

In this version there are cages, bedding, tubes, wheels, swings, food bowls, water bottles, chews, hanging chews, ramps, platforms, a bridge and different background patterns. There are plans to add other accessories such as slides, teeter totters, saucers, etc. This will depend on what the community wants.

Up to 10 hamsters can be added to each cage setup. You can design your hamsters to have different colors and fur patterns. Make your hamster your own as there are tons of unique combinations!

When you are done customizing, relax and watch your hamster. You can use the food button at the bottom of the page to feed your hamsters. The touch button allows you to pet or pick up your hamsters, fill the water bottles and play with them by moving the chew toys, pushing the swings, or spinning the wheels.

When you are happy with your creation, use the share menu to share with your friends.

Check it out at HammyHome.com.

You can also get Hammy Home in the following places:

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54 replies on “Hammy Home”

One of the best things in the world :3

It’s super addicting and fun; highly recommended for those pet/hamster lovers out there. I thought that the aB hamster was fun, but when I discovered this it literally blew my mind. It’s very cute and realistic, as they store & bury food. Looking forward to updates 😀


I found a pretty annoying bug, and it’s when a random tube becomes invisible and all the hamsters that go through it are stuck. You are not able to delete the tube because it “doesn’t exist,” and my hamsters aren’t able to enter the cages linked to it. The ends of the tube are still there, allowing other tubes to connect to it, but it just breaks.


adam, could you PLEASE make it so the hamsters in hammy home can breed? Also, can you make it so the hamsters can make little baby hamsters too?


This is a fantastic game. My daughter loves playing it. Keep up the great work.

We’ve been experimenting with drawing pictures using the pipes. It would be great if we could have diagonal pipes. Also if we can call to individual hamsters that would be awesome. Maybe even a tiger stripe hamster pattern?

Thanks again.


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