Add a touch of nature to your page with these hungry little fish.  Watch them as they follow your mouse hoping you will feed them by clicking the surface of the water.

Created in 2007 with Flash/Actionscript.

2,373 replies on “Fish”

This doesn’t work on blogger anymore ;/ not even the xml url. Is there going to be another update? I miss my little fish.

I got mine to work on Blogger!! You have to change the flash link in the code to “httpS://” instead of “http://” and then it should work. I must have come here and customized my fish 6 times before I figured that out!! LOL

Muchas Gracias..Se habian ido nadando mis peces del blog. he puesto la S como tu dices, y ha funcionado, ya veremos cuanto dura.

Simple widget but I love it. Thank you for creating this widget. Now, it’s time to feed your fish.

I have had these fabulous fish (I added more!) for years now, but SWF files won’t be supported after the end of the year. Are you going to offer them on HTML5 or other supported format ?

There’s no options on this page to customize and export the fish gadget anymore. Will this be updated/fixed so we can use the widget again?

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