Relax and enjoy some colorful, cute, and clumsy goldfish with the Goldfishies web app.

Goldfishies currently has 5 different Ranchu goldfish for you to add to your tank. Click the gear button to the bottom right of the screen and then the add button at the bottom middle.

Feed these hungry fish food pellets by tapping the screen. They also like to follow your mouse / finger.

Goldfishies live at

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9 replies on “Goldfishies”

Hey could you make it like hammy home where they can swim threw tunnels or maybe just have more open areas and maybe rings or fish toys like balls that float or maybe even where you tap the screen adn they all move there


I’m going to try to keep this one simple. I’ll probably add different types of goldfish and maybe some optional decor.


some fish tank decor or backgrounds would be nice, don’t feel any pressure to add interactive toys- i dont think they need it


Thanks, Al. I still have it on my list to get Groovy Fish working again and published again to Google Play.


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