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Swings Added to Hammy Home

Swings are now available in version 1.2.0 of Hammy Home.

You can find them by clicking the bridge button when editing a home.

If you have previously used Hammy Home, you might need to restart the app or browser in order to update to the latest version. Please let me know if you discover any bugs.

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Updates and How to Install

Hammy Home is now on version 1.1.0. Over the past month, I’ve fixed minor bugs, improved the user interface, and decreased the load time. In the latest version I added the ability to spin the wheels when in touch mode. If you aren’t able to spin the wheels, you probably need to restart the app so that the update can be applied.

Hammy Home can be installed on desktop computers simply by going to and pressing the install button to the right side of the address bar.

When viewing the app on an Android phone you should get a prompt at the bottom of the screen that asks if you would like to install the app. iPhone users will need to go to Hammy Home using Safari and press the “Add To Home Screen” button in the AirDrop menu.

You can also install Hammy Home by going to the following app stores (currently waiting for approval from Amazon App Store).

Get it on Google Play
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New Embed Code for Users

I added some new embed code to a lot of the widgets tonight that will work for people who host their blogs on


Minor Groovy Fish Update

The update I applied today to the Groovy Fish Android app fixes the anti-aliasing issue users were experiencing on the Droid and Nexus One. Those users should no longer see distorted graphics (jagged edges on the fish and lily pads) after installing the update.


Gadget HTML Code Updated

Yesterday, I was testing out the gadgets on MySpace and I discovered that the embed code was no longer working. They must have recently changed the way they parse the code and rewrite it. I updated the gadget html code and it should now work for you.

To get the code for your page, click on the edit settings link under the gadget. You should then see a text box under the edit settings form which contains the code.