hamster update

10 Hamsters

Over the weekend I increased the maximum number of hamsters per home to 10 in Hammy Home.

You should see them in version 1.3.0 or greater. Restart your browser/app to update.

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46 replies on “10 Hamsters”

Hi, love the game, but there is something that needs to be fixed, I am trying to set the background to black with white spots, but it just gives me white with black spots. Can you please change it so that you choose the color of the patterns too?


just wanted to say, I appreciate all your hard work, I can tell you put lots of effort into this, and I also wanted to say good job, and keep up the good work!


aBowman, can you please make multiplayer? I want multiplayer in hammyhome so my friend and I can play together. Like, one of my hamsters and one of my friend’s hamsters can play together. And also make it so my friend and I can play on two different devices at the same time.


Dear aBowman can you please make the hamsters have babies. Also, I would like to say that hammy home is a great game I got it on my brother Chromebook and he loves it. Best wishes Addie


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