hamster update

10 Hamsters

Over the weekend I increased the maximum number of hamsters per home to 10 in Hammy Home.

You should see them in version 1.3.0 or greater. Restart your browser/app to update.

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49 replies on “10 Hamsters”

Hello, You may have seen my messages before but maybe a alligator or lizard thing kinda like the penguins but you can adjust their size and maybe add a island to it to costumier or even seals or sharks. Idk just a idea But good work we all love it here at my school.


Oh Well mine as well ask, ANYWAY my class took a vote and they think you should add a snake thing and you could make more snakes to go in it and you could feed them live or dead mice and the other vote was adding alligators. But we love the work and keep it up.


wow! This is great, i have this one save slot thing that is HUGE and 3 hamsters just wasn’t enough to fill it up! awesom! just wanna say i appreciate your work so much! watching the hamsters move and around and play cheers me up! Can’t wait for future updates.


Um, i was using the extension and then…a bunch of things from other save slots appeared everywhere and my hammy home crashed, and every time I open it it’s stuck on the same thing! :c


well, this problem has been resolved, i just opened it and it started working again, but i think u should fix this in case it happens again. maybe it’s cus of all the hamsters running around, i mean, ive never made anything like this, but it might be cus of that maybe? correct me if im wrong :3


@zaakhi That’s a good idea. I’ll add a few more sometime soon.


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