Hammy Home

Introducing Hammy Home, where you design and care for your virtual hamster habitat.

To begin, choose one of the starter cages. For those who like to customize, there are a number of accessories that can be added to the cage. In this version there are cages, bedding, tubes, wheels, food bowls, water bottles, chews, hanging chews, ramps, platforms, a bridge and different background patterns. There are plans to add other accessories such as slides, swings, teeter totters, saucers, etc. This will depend on what the community wants.

Up to 3 hamsters can be added to each cage setup. You can design your hamsters to have different colors and fur patterns. Make your hamster your own as there are tons of unique combinations!

Edit: The maximum number of hamsters was raised to 10 in version 1.3.0.

When you are done customizing, relax and watch your hamster. You can use the food button at the bottom of the page to feed your hamsters. The touch button allows you to pet or pick up your hamsters, fill the water bottles and play with them by moving the chew toys or spinning the wheels.

When you are happy with your creation, use the share menu to share with your friends.

Check it out at

Please email bugs/issues to [email protected]

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50 replies on “Hammy Home”

can you make it so they can MATE???
like have baby’s!
maybe that’s past your ability…
can you still try!!!


I currently have a few other things on my plate. After I’m done with those, I’ll experiment with adding some babies. I’m not really sure how it will work.


@Tue I’m planning on adding more hamsters. I need to do some thorough testing first to make sure it isn’t going to cause issues. I know that when more than 3 hamsters go into one of the houses they sometimes pop out through the walls. I think there might be some issues in the tubes, too.


i love the game BUT.
there is a glich for me.
when ever i log off the computer when i go back on even if i was off just for a second it deletes my house i have made.
Also PLEASE make it so we can name the hamsters!!!
thank you!!!
keep being amazing

The homes should be saved to the browser. Is there a chance that your browser is set up to delete your history when it’s restarted?


also there is a glitch for me where the hamsters sometimes fall through the house or tubes and vanish. the bad part of that is i cant get another one after that.
so if i had one three hamsters and they all fell out then i cant get more hamsters.

I’ve never seen this before. What browser are you using?

It’s weird that the hamsters don’t appear when the page is refreshed. Can you use the share menu for that home and copy/paste the share link here? Thanks

I sincerely appreciate all your hard work making this,
By, REEEE oh hi


Hi, I’m a browser user on the laptop. I signed in with my work account and would like to swap emails. Is this possible?


The data for the homes are stored locally in the browser. You could use the share menu when you are at work to email each home to yourself so that you can save them to the browser that you use at home.

I love this it’s really cool do you this you can make the fish or dog like this sometime? That would be awsome


i luv hammy home! :3
The hamsters are so cute on the swings, and i like it when they stuff food in their cheeks and burry it somewhere, and they look so wholesome and adorable when they fall asleep, luv that you can pet them, i have the extension, and i bookmarked hammy home,


Yes, according to the great people working on the Ruffle project. (Ruffle is a Flash player emulator)

Whoohoooo! This amazing! Though there is a bit a bugs here a there, its great <3. Please keep making updates I love this :3

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