Hammy Home

Introducing Hammy Home, where you design and care for your virtual hamster habitat.

To begin, choose one of the starter cages. For those who like to customize, there are a number of accessories that can be added to the cage. In this version there are cages, bedding, tubes, wheels, food bowls, water bottles, chews, hanging chews, ramps, platforms, a bridge and different background patterns. There are plans to add other accessories such as slides, swings, teeter totters, saucers, etc. This will depend on what the community wants.

Up to 3 hamsters can be added to each cage setup. You can design your hamsters to have different colors and fur patterns. Make your hamster your own as there are tons of unique combinations!

Edit: The maximum number of hamsters was raised to 10 in version 1.3.0.

When you are done customizing, relax and watch your hamster. You can use the food button at the bottom of the page to feed your hamsters. The touch button allows you to pet or pick up your hamsters, fill the water bottles and play with them by moving the chew toys or spinning the wheels.

When you are happy with your creation, use the share menu to share with your friends.

Check it out at

Please email bugs/issues to [email protected]

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50 replies on “Hammy Home”

I should cover the holes in the platforms unless a tube is attached or a ramp is below.

I think I got TOO far with the customizing…but “The chocolate home” is a great place to live with Dark choco, Milk choco, and White choco.

@abowman when they glitch they look they are drinking water when they are in the middle of the cage and it mostly happens when there’s no water bottle in the cage

Are you talking about when they are exploring and they stand up and sniff? Sometimes they’ll do that and then scratch at the glass. If so, they are meant to do that every now and then.

I think you should make it so you can move hamsters from one cage to another also make female or male also make it so they can mate ok you don’t have to the mating part

You can move them from one cage to another when in edit mode (clicking the red button at bottom right). Maybe I can make it work when you aren’t editing the cage. I’ll think about this.

I think I understand. I’m not sure how that would work. Place the hamsters that have already been customized in the menu?

Lol i want them to mate too!
it would be soooooooo cute!!!
also i luv the name toast!
mine is called juice

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