aBowman Dog

The aBowman Dog is now available as a gadget on iGoogle.  You can change the look of the dog here and then add the gadget to iGoogle by pressing the button below the customization form.  Over the next few weeks, I will be adding some new features, optimizing the code and fixing bugs.

78 replies on “aBowman Dog”

Will this gadget be available as an android app? Hope so. I have on my igoogle home page. I really love it. Thanks for creating it.

I love my dog, the fish and the frog! I enjoy seeing them so much every day! Thank you for creating it! It’s brought a smile to my face. You’re a genius!

Wish I could keep my “personalized” gadgets on my computer forever! W/purple background!

I just want to say that I colored and shaped my dog like my departed love Chayanne. I lost her 1 yr. ago but now I have her back. I can play ball with her and have her do tricks. I love it! please find a way I can keep her

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